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no l33t raps, sorry to disappoint :p

My Projects:
Icon Configuration (think boxy / cuboid) on the homescreen with a sexy UI
Also does a ton more (extensions, folders, dock) and has compatibility with other tweaks as a goal

Oh, and it's free forever :)
Nepeta's old shit
Currently working on maintaining most of her stuff, there's quite a bit, and I've forked the projects I'm most interested in maintaining.
Working on a rewrite of evasi0n7, using as much of the original code as possible. It's a really enjoyable project but its turning out to be a bit of a bitch. This is only really useful for ios 7.0.0-6 A4 chips (I have two of these phones, and evasi0n7 is impossible to run on macOS 10.15)
no ETA
Rewrite of FLEXboard with a fuckload of bug fixes and OLED dark mode :)
WIP, i'll get around to git pushing it later